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Democrats Turn On, Humiliate Obama: Key Vote on Trade Bill Fails in House

Published June 12, 2015 |

President Obama's trade push hit a major roadblock Friday as Democrats helped torpedo a bill considered crucial for the agenda to pass.

In a 126-302 vote, the House killed the so-called Trade Adjustment Assistance bill -- a program that retrains workers displaced by trade. The bill was originally put on the table as a sweetener to help entice recalcitrant Democrats to back the president's overall agenda.

But the president's own party is so opposed to that agenda, they voted down the sweetener.

In a major defection for Obama, even House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined the rebellion in opposing TAA minutes before the vote. Though she supports the worker aid, she said it was the only way to "slow down the fast track."

She predicted the main trade bill would be "stuck in the station" without TAA. 

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