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Which Place Is America's Most Patriotic City?

Gainesville deemed 'Most Patriotic'


GAINESVILLE, TX -- A big announcement today has one Texoma city celebrating their pride in the red white and blue.

Gainesville has been deemed the most patriotic city in America.
The city had to compete against six others, and it came out on top.

After weeks of competition, Rand McNally finally announced Gainesville, Texas as the 'Most Patriotic' city in America.
Gainesville residents can't hide their excitement about the new title.

"We were sitting by the computer watching the live video stream and you could just... It was just so exciting," Gainesville resident Donna Wells said.

"We know what we have here is special, but now other people are going to know that what we have here is special, and that's a big deal," said resident Donna Hertel.

"All of Gainesville has decorated up the downtown shops and that's pretty much tradition," resident Vance Wells said.

The competition first included a social media challenge, which the city took by storm.

"We just put the word out 'we need comments' and then there would just be hundreds of comments online about how great we are, and we had to be the most patriotic," said Chamber of Commerce Director Lynette Pettigrew.

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