Who Is Baby Alien On The Masked Singer?

Baby Alien appears in season four of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesdays 8/7c on FOX.

Clue Package

Clue #1:

If you're looking for a hint about this baby alien, all you have to do is look to the stars.

Clue #2:

Baby Alien? Mm, Baby Alien? It's time for my rebirth. See, I've been stuck in second gear for a while. Back when I was the cream of the crop circle, I was in a theater every week, even beamed onto the Tony Awards stage, baby. But before long, I became a second thought, lost in space. So I've opened my baby eyes to other passions, navigating a new route, where, as the puppet master, my destiny is in my hands. And I gotta, gotta, gotta get the golden mask in my crib.

Visual clues: Red convertible car, Seattle’s Space Needle, and a cracked golden bell.

Clue #3:

Baby Alien training hard to be most special competitor ever. I practice wearing 30-pound backpack at home and do hours of puppet choreography. And it's paying off. The earthlings like me. I may be baby. But I am wise beyond my light years. And I've made it my duty to help others on the same flight path. See, I've been roasted before. Under beaming spotlight of big city, I had in my public relationships broke and experienced close encounters with money hungry sharks. Now, I can have babier aliens avoid same sand traps. I will take things slow. But tonight, I go full speed ahead. Baby Alien want to W-I-N!

Visual clues: Hotdog stand, orange fire hydrant, and a lifeguard hut.




Judges’ Guesses

Jason Biggs, Nick Kroll, Eric Bana, Jeff Dunham, Freddie Prinze Jr.



Baby Alien was revealed on 10/14/20, season 4 episode 1. See Baby Alien’s first interview without the mask here!