Ride to Work: Who is Secret Santa? logoAired 12/15/23
Abby Horacek has a very special guest on her ride to work, a Fox host dressed as Santa Claus! With only a few questions she can ask as they drive, will she be able to guess who’s behind the beard?
Season 1 (2 Episodes) • Holiday, Interview, Adventure
Season 1

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Ride to Work: Who is Secret Santa?
This Christmas season, Abby Hornacek has a special job unlike anything she’s had before. Abby has to drive a very special guest to work, the one and only Kris Kringle, better known as Santa Claus. Well, not THE Santa Claus, but a Fox host dressed in his iconic suit. However, as Abby drives Santa to a busy day at Fox Headquarters through midtown Manhattan, she’ll have to ask a series of questions to discover which on-screen talent from Fox is behind the beard.
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