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In the late 1970s, skepticism of American politics is at an all-time high. Watergate has eroded the public's trust in politicians and corruption in Washington, D.C. seems par for the course. That is, until master con-man turned FBI informant Mel Weinberg enters the picture.

Scandalous: ABSCAM follows Weinberg and several highly skilled FBI agents as they orchestrate an elaborate undercover sting operation involving a faux Arab sheik, briefcases of cash, hidden cameras, and eventually six congressmen and one U.S. senator. The legendary FBI sting known as ABSCAM leads to such shocking revelations and controversy that decades later, it would inspire the Oscar-nominated film 'American Hustle.'

Through fascinating archival footage and in-depth interviews with major players, including Weinberg himself, Scandalous: ABSCAM delves into the epic story of the groundbreaking undercover operation that shook the nation's core and changed American politics forever.