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On a musky Easter night in 1991, a chance encounter between William Kennedy Smith and a local Jupiter woman at a Palm Beach nightspot would lead to one of the most heavily scrutinized rape trials in history.

As one of the first nationally televised trials in the country, Patricia Bowman, with her face depicted as a blue blob as millions of viewers tuned in, would never imagine this case to turn into the movie-of-the-week date-rape drama.

After a 10-day trial, involving a “he-said, she-said” nature, various appearances by the Kennedy family and the collateral glare of media attention, on December 11, 1991, the case went to the jury. After deliberating for just 77 minutes, they returned with the verdict: not guilty.

In an era where money and power no longer hug back, Scandalous: The William Kennedy Smith Trial takes an extensive look into the cunning blueprint that led to Smith’s acquittal, including interviews from key witnesses, notable reporters and court officials.