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The “Big Story” series will revisit news stories that not only made headlines, but also made Americans stop and pause. Throughout the decades, there have been so many riveting events that have not only marked time, but helped shape our nation’s history. From print to broadcast, to cable, and beyond, journalists have told some of the most compelling stories of our era. The availability of cable news brought us shocking pictures of five-year old Elian Gonzales “live” as he was ripped from his relative’s home in Miami by federal agents along with images of 27-year-old Susan Smith being sentenced to life in prison for killing her two toddlers. Americans mourned in real time as news outlets rolled video from the desolate crash site where John F. Kennedy Junior’s plane went off course sending the young man, his wife, and sister-in-law to their deaths. However, before cable, broadcast news and print journalism allowed Americans to experience historical moments like the eloquent goodbye from President Ronald Reagan, to the worst natural disasters on earth. Stay tuned for some of the most compelling accounts of our age in “The Big Story” series.