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Every year, Christians around the world celebrate the birth of their Savior with songs of joy and prayers of thanksgiving. Biblical scholars and clergy raise questions about whether the Nativity story is based on concrete history, some tradition, or simply faith. On this special program Fox News chief religion correspondent Lauren Green travels to the sites of the Nativity and retraces the remarkable story of Jesus' birth. In the ruins of the first century village of Gamla, there is evidence that Jesus and his parents lived there. In the northern desert, a jaw-dropping view of the palace fortress of King Herod, the demonic ruler who wanted to kill the newborn king. While the road to Bethlehem was long and dangerous for Mary and Joseph, we discover which route was safest for travel. We conclude with a special look inside the sacred space where for nearly 2000 years, the faithful believe is the site of Jesus' birth. Religious scholars and clergy guide us through the Gospels and the history of the Holy Land to discover more extraordinary facts, fictions, and faith surrounding the incredible birth story.