The Everglades: Preserving Paradise logoAired 6/15/20
The Everglades, Florida’s river of grass, is being rescued by an unexpected group of folks. Interestingly, it is the Republicans who are leading the charge to protect Florida’s environmental heartbeat...
44m • Nature, Environment, Documentary

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The Everglades: Preserving Paradise
The Everglades, Florida’s river of grass truly exemplifies beauty. From majestic mangrove forests, to fierce crocodiles, the Everglades inspires hope in visitors from around the world. The wetland has endured hurricanes and population shifts, serving as a metaphor for nature’s resilience. Today however, the Everglades faces unprecedented threats: sea level rise and human intervention. Interestingly, it is Republicans, not Democrats who could emerge as heroes in the quest to protect Florida’s crown jewel.
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