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With America at a crossroads, get a powerful discussion and expert insight on the most pressing issues facing the nation hosted by Dr. Bill Bennett.
Season 1 (30 Episodes) • Politics, Interview, Talk, Current events
Season 1

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The Wise Guys
Join the 'The Wise Guys' discussion with host, Dr. Bill Bennett, for an inside look into the great minds of our time, as he invites them to his roundtable to discuss the hard-hitting issues our country faces. Delving into topics with a philosophical and intellectual perspective, 'The Wise Guys' breaks down the questions of our era unscripted and with the utmost authority. Dr. Bill Bennett leads the conversation from a position of distinguished experience as the former secretary of education under President Ronald Reagan and the first drug czar under President George H.W. Bush. Panelists have included Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary and spokesperson for President George W. Bush, as well as Fox Business anchor of 'Sunday Morning Futures' and 'Mornings with Maria,' Maria Bartiromo. With leaders in every area of expertise, 'The Wise Guys' provide discerning analysis on multifaceted topics for a truly informed conversation. Watch 'The Wise Guys' to see who will be next to join Dr. Bill Bennett at the roundtable!
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